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Eurofest Program

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Odyssey of the Mind Eurofest 2017 Program "Zubronok"

Style form

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What to bring!

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Here we tried to collect information that you need for staying in Belarus and before competiotins.

Curruncy exchange / обмен валюты

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Tournament Schedule

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Tentitive program for Long-Term Competitions

Eurofest Press Release

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Odyssey of the Mind press release | Европейский фестиваль креативности «Одиссея Разума» вновь в Беларуси

About Eurofest

Odyssey of the Mind EuroFest is an annual meeting of teams, coaches and officials from across Europe and beyond. It is not a typical tournament but rather a fun-filled festival: young attendees showcase their Long-Term Problem solutions, practice Spontaneous, make new friends and play together. They also compete in solving a special EuroFest Problem on the spot - in groups mixed of three different international teams each. EuroFest is a perfect opportunity to learn tolerance and understanding = through hands-on, real-time cooperation. While watching and discussing other teams' solutions to Odyssey of the Mind Problems, kids make observations and draw conclusions useful in their future work. While solving EuroFest Problem, they share experiences with their international peers, and overcome language barriers and cultural diversities. Last but not least, they enjoy the adventure associated with visiting a foreign land and getting to know new places and new people.

Eurofest Official Invitation (Ru)

Eurofest Official Invitation (En)


Follow the news to find out schedule updates!

April 23rd, 2017

  1. Teams arrival. Teams will be transferred at the airport or railway station by buses from Zubronok.
  2. Opening ceremony.
  3. EuroFest Welcome Celebration 20:00.

April 24rd, 2017

  1. Teams competition.
  2. International Show «Zubrovision».

April 25rd, 2017

  1. Teams competition.
  2. International Fair.

April 26rd, 2017

  1. AD’s meeting.
  2. Excursion day. Tip to the National cultures center.

April 27rd, 2017

  1. EF Mixed Teams’ Problem CompetitionClosing Ceremony.
  2. EuroFest Closing Celebration 20:00.
  3. Party.

April 28rd, 2017

  1. Departures.


Eurofest will take place at NDC "Zubronok"

In a beautiful corner of Belarus among the amazing lakes and wonderful forests, there is a unique land of childhood – the center "Zubrenok." For many years it has been pleasing young people with its warmth and tenderness and giving them joyful meetings, unforgettable emotions, good humor and friendship.

In August 17, 1969 silver pioneering horns heralded the fact that on the shores of the blue-eyed Narach Pioneer and Komsomol Belarusian Camp was opened. From that day "Zubrenok" became the capital of a happy childhood, the headquarters of many interesting cases and undertakings. A trip to the camp is a great honor, a reward for exemplary school studies, socially useful things, high confidence of the school community. On 76 acres of pine forest stretches the Republic of "Zubrenok". The first buildings were service dormitory with 160 seats, a dining room and a medical centre. Various clubs, tourist societies, a library, swimming and sport activities occupy children's spare time.

Various clubs, tourist societies, a library, swimming and sport activities occupy children's spare time.

"Zubrenok" today is a complex of seven buildings: "Lazurniy Ostrov", "Lesnoy Dom", "Ozerniy Prichal", "Solnechniy Gorod", "Zvezdniy Mir", "Zelyonaya Polyana", "Raduzhniy". It can hold more than 700 people.

To learn more about Zubronok


Partitcipation fee is 225 euro. It could be made by bank transfer only in BYN, RUB, EUR or USA. For drivers fee is 15 euro per night.

Organisation committe

After the registration of the team within 2 days you must receive a contract and / or invoice for payment to your e-mail box, if necessary, an invitation for submission to the Embassy of the Republic of Belarus in your country. Otherwise, please contact us at bel.ef2017@gmail.com or by other available means. With regard to payment, invitations, it is possible to contact the curator of the Eurofestival from the National Children's Center "Zubrenok" (Oksana N. Koralchuk - koral_oksana@mail.ru, ‎+375296821664)

Contact us on Viber:

  • +375336682708 (Elena)
  • +375336631218 (Tatyana, russian-speaking only)

For visa application

  • Name of inviting person: NDC "Zubronok"

  • Accommodation: NDC "Zubronok"

  • Means of transport available for your entrance to the Republic of Belarus Arriving by plane and then taking a bus provided by NDC Zubronok and back.

  • 16. gropu/grupowa

  • 17. short term/krotkoterminowa

  • 18. one time/jednokrotna

  • 19. since 23042017 till 29042017 7 days

  • 20. NCC "Zubryonok"

  • 21. District/obwod 222401 Minsk, city/miejscowosc Zubrenevka telephone +375178722662, e-mail info@zubronok.by marketing5@zubronok.by

  • 23. uczestnictwo w odyssey of the Mind Eurofest 2017

  • 30. Itinerary Minsk airport - NDC Zubronok - Minsk airport