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Updated on: April 21, 2017 07:20

Here we tried to collect information that you need for staying in Belarus and before competiotins.

Coaches reminder

We prepared a coaches reminder.

Download in one file.

  1. Organization questions:
  • Take all the necessary documents with you: filled agreement and attached documents (be sure, that the coach could represent your child, list of children, copies of passport and certificates, letter of attorney from educational institutions, etc.) If the agreement was entered into by the person who’s absent at the Eurofest, you should bring 2 (two) copies of printed and signed agreement.
  • The Cultural Festival will be held during the competition, so your association will have 10 minutes to perform. The music or/and video could be given to your Association director or Angel (if you are without AD). If you have additional performances, the schedule contains Stand Up time when you can perform as well.
  • We’re waiting for you at the International Fair (in the gifts you can encrypt your country, team, address, contacts, emblem etc.).
  • Fill the table with parents’ information. We’re printing out the Letters of thanks for parents (fill this table in Genitive and Dative).
  • Make sure to send Letters of thanks to sponsors and supervisors beforehand (we need your team ef number and data about whom you ask us to thank).
  • Write what questions and problems you’d like to discuss at the Coach meeting.
  • Center’s administration is not responsible for the things left unattended. But if your team member loses something, immediately tell the Angel (person who has a T-shirt that says “Angel”) about that and check lost and found or center’s administration.
  • If a team member complains about something, you should firstly talk to the Angel. If you’re not satisfied with Angel’s respond, talk to Anna Isaenko (Russian-speaking and German) and to Alena Kuzei (others).


 2. Preparations:

  • Check the map and make sure you know how to get to the place - Minsk region, Myadzel district, Zubryonevka village (Минская область, Мядельский район, пос. Зубреневка).
  • For coaches from other contries: make sure your phone has roaming for emergency cases, so that you can make calls in Belarus; there will be WiFi.
  • Enclose a list of all the things that a team member has with him/her. Put a sign with the team member’s name on his/her suitcase.
  • Make sure you know where all the team member’s documents are put in.
  • Inform all the team members that when they have any health issues, problems in communicating with other children, domestic issues, personal problems etc., they should notify their coach.


3. Performing:


  • Make sure your performance lasts not more than 8 minutes.
  • Make sure you know what to do if there’re any technical problems.
  • Fill out the Cost limit form and take several copies with you.
  • Fill out the Style form and take three copies with you.
  • Fill out the Outside assistance form and take several copies with you.
  • Fill out the additional forms that you might need for your problem and take them with you (usually they’re mentioned in the last point of B section).
  • Take the script and clarifications for your performance with you to give them to the Judges (optional).
  • Find out your membership number and put it on your team’s emblem.
  • Decide who’s going to participate in solving the verbal spontaneous task.
  • Decide who’s going to participate in solving the practical spontaneous task.
  • Find out the schedule of your performances (when you arrive).
  • Make sure you don’t violate the outside assistance rule (while performing).
  • Make sure the team members perform in the shoes with dense sole and they meet requirements of safety.
  • Make sure the decorations, devices, tools, batteries etc. used in the performance, meet requirements of safety.


4. Take with you:


  • Big bath towel
  • Indoor shoes
  • Laptop
  • Swim cap, siut and flip-flops for the swimming pool
  • Warm clothes
  • Umbrella
  • Countries’ big and small flags
  • Camera
  • Hair-dryer
  • Soft shoes that don’t damage the floor. E.g. sneakers. (for performing)
  • Watches





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